"Opportunities don't happen. 
You create them" -- Chirs Grosser

Career In Real Estate

Are you interested in a Career in Real Estate?

Do you have good people skills? Do you enjoy working flexible hours and having a great sales income? Do you have a California Real Estate license? Then a move to Ventura Barnett Properties may be the most important decision you make.Test your skills now 

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Ventura Barnett Properties is a different kind of Real Estate Company. We're one of the fastest growing real estate firms in San Jose. Our seasoned real estate professionals and experience is our most outstanding differentiator among all other real estate brokerages in Silicon Valley. Our average agent at Ventura Barnett is 15 years or more. 

Our real estate brokerage philosophy is simple:

  • Hire the best, top producing agents.
  • Provide the best online Internet marketing tools available. 
    - Social Media, Blogging, Facebook 
    - Internet Radio & Podcasting 
    - High Definition (HD) Virtual Tours 
    - Company Intranet
  • Provide the best ongoing education and support for agent education.
  • Ventura Barnett agents get exclusive access to IMS (Internet Marketing Specialty) certification and designation.

The Ventura Barnett Method

This is a state of the art program. It was created through years of experience,consulting and training. It has been designed to guide new licensees to become productive in as short a time as possible. The Ventura Barnett method literally builds and guides your business from the ground up all the way to a success model. You will learn how to use these tools to your best advantage.

Agents Careers

From day one of joining agents have the constant support to help manage their daily professional needs. Our entire company is dedicated to ensure our agent's success. This is accomplished by having comprehensive in house systems to help keep you motivated and on track.

Advanced Agent Tools

Enterprise-level technology is at the heart of our business model. Our Greenhouse tool allows anywhere, anytime online personal business management reporting. Agents can manage their transactions from any internet enabled computer. You can depend on our Digital Marketing Center to create high-impact personalized collateral including post cards, brochures, virtual tours and email marketing campaigns. Our sophisticated LeadRouter online inquiry management system ensures you never miss a lead by converting leads into voice messages that are sent to your phone for immediate attention.

Coaching and Training

Participate in one on one coaching with proven real estate professionals to keep you accountable and help you succeed in reaching your professional goals. Take advantage of our invaluable web based training and online mentoring program to experience the ultimate in interactive, expert career guidance. Download our monthly skill building podcast and listen at your convenience - in the car, at home or at the gym.

Unparalleled Office Support

Our top notch office staff is here to support you and provide your clients with the professional welcome you expect.


Our Managers are seasoned professionals and industry leaders who are dedicated to keeping our associates at the cutting edge of the industry and helping them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Brand Recognition

Recognition goes a long way, especially when it comes to planning the largest purchase one will make in a lifetime. By aligning with a 40 country strong global legacy brand which was voted number one in 2008 by AdWeek Media, your clients will feel they are in good hands.

World Class Advertising Agency - Internet Marketing

Ventura Barnett works exclusively with Voyager International -- the most sought after digital advertising agency serving real estate brokers and million dollar producing agents today. Voyager's commitment to thoughtful design and website usability is clearly evident in our own website, our Intranet, blog and Voyager's on going Internet Marketing and SEO helps us stand out on line. Agents that are asked to join the Ventura Barnett team will have access to a world class suite of high octane Internet marketing weapons including Voyager's PERSONA website designs that don't look anything like a McWebsite template. 

I have worked with Tony Ventura in real estate for over 10 years. During that time I have benefitted from his excellent management skills and thorough knowledge of sales and real estate transactions. Office meetings are very educational and informative providing current and relevant new information concerning real estate. Tony is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise and is available to assist during difficult negotiations. I especially appreciate the way Tony listens to agents and values new input from them. Because of these attributes, Tony has been able to attract very competent real estate agents and built one of the best sales teams in Santa Clara Valley. I have enjoyed working with him and would recommend this company to anyone interested in furthering their real estate career. 

Eric R. Guffrida, Broker Sales Associate 
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate VBP
Amazing Synergy is the best way to describe the atmosphere here! It starts with Tony Ventura, who`s caring guidance creates a family of experienced professionals all working together to become the best we can be. The support from the top and from staff allows me to offer my clients the best service possible. Leaving the large corporate real estate business model was the best decision I ever made. Surrounding yourself with like minded professionals is the best business model you can create and it flows through to your clients. Working in a company that cares about you as an agent creates endless possibilities, if only all real estate companies followed this model........ 

Cindy Simon 
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate VBP

At Better Homes At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Ventura Barnett Properties, we are committed to transferring skill-sets to agents THROUGHOUT their real estate career. Our number one commitment is to deliver relevant training that provides strategies, tactics, systems, and skill-building to support you, the agent, in the growth of your business. You are invited to sign-up and attend our training courses and get a “real-life” experience of how we support agents with their real estate career. 

Whether you are an experienced associate, a newly licensed associate, taking the real estate course or just thinking about a career in real estate - this is for you. You will learn what it takes to become successful in real estate sales from associates who have actually done it. 

Ask any questions that you may have and we will answer truthfully and with candor.