"Opportunities don't happen. 
You create them" -- Chirs Grosser


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The Ventura Barnett Method This is a state of the art program. It was created through years of experience,consulting and training. It has been designed to guide new licensees to become productive in as short a time as possible. The Ventura Barnett method literally builds and guides your business from the ground up all the way to a success model. You will learn how to use these tools to your best advantage.

We provide all three keys to achieve your ultimate success:

  1. 3 Equivalent College Courses
  2. Passing Your State Exam On Your First Attempt
  3. Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

The first key is extremely easy to achieve

Take 3 College Equivalent Courses:

Every real estate school provides the three Department of Real Estate approved pre-exam 45 hour 3 unit college equivalent courses.
  • 90% are home study or internet courses.
  • Many create their own textbooks
  • Each creates their own final exams
  • Each grades their final exams (the passing grade needed is only 60%)
  • Each issues their own Certificates of Completion or transcript.
  • Every school has a 100% pass rate. In other words, it's very easy to provide or take these courses.
The Lumbleau Real Estate School
All potential new agents are referred to the Lumbleau Real Estate School to register and take the Lumbleau School’s Department of Real Estate approved pre-license exam and mandatory 3 unit 45 hour college level courses, and when needed, every 4th year Continuing Education courses.

The Lumbleau School, with its 70 years of experience, provides the courses, gives and grades the final exams and issues Certificates of Completion exclusively at their website www.lumbleau.com.

The second key is far harder to achieve

Pass the California state exam on the first attempt:

We achieve this right here in or through our office. Our agents and future agents use John Lumbleau's Challenge to be Great course.

Motivational 33-hour 14-lecture 2,800-question agent (or 3,400-question broker) exam passing course.

A complete understanding of how this is done is covered in each section linked below.

Using John’s course, our first attempt agent pass rate is over 94 percent. Our first attempt broker pass rate is over 82 percent. (NOTE: Those who do not pass call us and apologize, because they did not finish their course). The Department of Real Estate’s pass rates are currently 55 percent for agents and 48 percent for brokers, including all attempts.

The third key until now has been the hardest of all to achieve

Create a successful, productive and profitable long lasting real estate career:

This is the reason we created our educational cooperative.

In Office Real Estate Education Coop is creating a revolution in real estate success education.

For the first time in history, our real estate member owned, non-profit, non-stock cooperative of hundreds and soon to be thousands, then nationwide, tens of thousands of individual real estate companies will educate every agent in their company to the highest level of his or her ability.
Using our powerful internet cooperative network, all of the nation’s greatest inspirational teachers, motivational teachers, philosophers, current necessary knowledge teachers and sales trainers will be hired to help every agent achieve their maximum success.

History has proven that without any sales-training, only 20 percent of all new agents succeed. We anticipate that by using our coop’s revolutionary constant success education, over 80 percent will learn and earn an excellent living.

A great teacher is essential to begin a career

John Lumbleau, via the Internet, becomes your first personal exam-passing teacher and motivational trainer. Through 33 hours of video, John teaches you personal motivation and gives you all of the knowledge you need to pass your state exam on your first attempt.
Then, while waiting for your license to arrive, John gives you nine hours of essential video sales training and his new 75 page printable internet textbook to begin your career with the best possible chance for success.

Agent License Exam-Passing Course

Broker License Exam-Passing Course

License Renewal Continuing Education Course

18th Month Agent License Continuance Course

                (for those obtaining an agent license prior to October 2007)
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