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San Jose Real Estate

Looking to make a move to sunny California? Take a peek at San Jose real estate and you'll quickly see why this has become the third largest city in the state. Having witnessed continued since its inception in the mid 18th century, this county seat of Santa Clara County saw an even faster acceleration in population through the years. Starting with veterans returned home from World War II to build their families in San Jose through transplants coming to the “Capital of Silicon Valley” for the recent tech boom, San Jose has continued to expand in recent decades to make it the sixth largest metropolitan area in the country.

San Jose real estate


Today, with a population of approximately one million, the city is perfect to supply you with everything you will want in culture, sporting events, and outdoor activities. You'll find everything you need in close proximity while still being conveniently close to the ocean.

The climate offers long, warm summers with light amounts of rainfall. The ample supply of sunshine allows you to pack plenty of activities in throughout the year, while the mild winters gives solitude for those looking to escape harsh and frigid conditions.

Looking at San Jose homes for sale, you'll see that the median family home price is around the $385,000 mark, which makes it very affordable living for the state. Even in the midst of the housing market recovery, there is plenty of San Jose real estate to meet the needs of those relocating here.

Some of the more popular neighborhoods in the area include the Rose Garden, Willow Glen, Downtown, Evergreen and South San Jose. Each of these has experienced its own rate of growth in keeping pace with the area. With homes prices in these neighborhoods and in the surrounding areas from the $200s up well over a million, there's something for everyone and every budget.

With so much inventory to choose from, you'll want to maximize your efforts by contacting a real estate professional to walk you through the process. The local listing services can provide some information on the overall San Jose real estate market, but in order to reap the benefits of what the housing market has to offer, a real estate professional can offer you the help that you need to guide you in the direction that is best for your needs.

The culmination of so many appealing qualities has made San Jose the perfect place for those looking to establish a primary residence or for snow birds looking for a summer getaway. There are plenty of San Jose homes for sale to choose from so call an agent and get started on finding your next dream home in beautiful California!

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